heroimage Young People

Young people, aged 16-25, often face significant challenges during this stage of their lives; finishing  education, gaining employment, establishing a stable home, and forming positive relationships.

These are difficult challenges for anyone, but are particularly difficult when one does not have the support of family. The inability to navigate the transitions of early adulthood, place many young people at great risk of social exclusion, homelessness or long term unemployment. Early withdrawal from school, family instability and unemployment often facilitate chronic homelessness.

 The Live N Learn Foundation (LNLF) is dedicated to assisting youth, who lack the support of family, make a successful transition into independence. We advocate a holistic approach and recognise the importance of stable accommodation, the completion of education and gaining employment in building a stable future.

Since 2000, the Live N Learn Foundation has invested in the development, implementation and operation of new services to achieve better outcomes for vulnerable youth.